Moto360 sport is super cheap right now

It Might sound a little bit ridiculous but the motor 360 sport has gotten very cheap over the last few weeks. If you like the sports watch that was built by Motorola and the lenovo in the last few months, you should definitely have a look at the Moto 360 sport.

The sports version of this watch, comes with a more sporty look hey Slick design, and the silicone band. This makes it perfect for sports activities. It is also fitted with an LCD display so that you can view screen under the sun best. The great thing as well as that it has a GPS system build in, so that you don’t need to take your phone with you when you go running or to any other types of sports activities outdoors.

You can get one of these watches for as little as $120 at the moment in the states. I saw that one EBay seller, with great ratings, has started to offer the watch at this ridiculous price. It appears that we have quite a few of them. Maybe this will mean that we will see a dramatic price drop for any of the Moto 360 watches in the near future.

If you see or have heard of any other great offers that we should know about, Then please do let me know and we will be able to spread the word to the full community and have everyone enjoyed their Moto 360 watches into future as well!

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone and have a great day!

Moto 360 2 is coming codenamed SMELT

The Moto 360 2, second generation of the successful Moto 360 that was released at the end of 2014, will be released shortly. In the last few weeks rumours have started popping up around an Android Wear device codenamed SMELT.

The codename of the initial current Moto 360 was “Minnow”. Some blogs have stated that the name SMELT must be related to the smartwatch because both names are proclaimed to be fish names.

Smelt could also be a pure description of the new smartwatch, molten metal. It could very well be that it comes in a unibody metal jacket. This would be in line with the high quality and luxurious look and feel.

New Moto 360 highly anticipated

There are very few smartwatches out there that can challenge the Apple Watch, and the second generation Moto 360 is hopefully one of them. It has been rumoured that Google will be rolling out the iOS compatibility with Android M Doze.

The release date of the both Android M Doze and the Moto 360 II are still open. We will keep you posted.

Moto 360 2 release date, price and news: First Generation drops to 120$

The next generation Moto 360 seems to be coming our way ever more quickly. The latest price drop of the most sought after smartwatch of the last 12 months to only 120$ (down from 249$) shows that Motorola are trying to get rid of their stock probably preparing for the next big thing to hit the shelves very soon.

The second generation Moto 360 is codenamed SMELT

Rumor has it that the Moto 360 II, which is codenamed internally at Motorola to “SMELT” will feature a higher resolution display of 360×360 pixel. The new wearable is expected to be powered by an ARM v7 processor and run on Android 5.1.x.

The codename “Smelt” is supposed to refer to molten metal as the Moto 360 II is expected to come with an all metal build.

Moto 360 second generation to come in two sizes

The second version of the Moto 360 is said to come in two different sizes, much like the Apple Watch that has come out just recently and is still being rolled out to many countries around the globe.

Motorola executive Adrienne Hayes (SVP of global Marketing) had earlier confirmd that the second generation Moto 360 would be significantly smaller than its predecessor and will come in two size models. She had even said that it is to come with a gold finishing on offer as well – much like the Apple Watch.

Moto 360 would be significantly smaller than its predecessor and will come in two size models (Adrienne Hayes, SVP of Global Marketing Motorola)

A smaller size would tailor to women and (and those with smaller wrists) opening up an entirely new market segment for the Moto 360 that is currently predominantly used by tech-loving men.

Further price cuts for the Moto 360

Lenovo has confirmed that the Moto 360 2015 would be unveiled this summer and the huge price cuts on the current Moto 360 seem to indicate that the launch is well on track. Motorola has dropped the price of the Moto 360 price to $120, marking a discount of $130 over its original launch price of $250.

The Moto 360 available for $149 at Motorola, Amazon and the Google Store is the basic leather band variant, while the Moto 360 with a metal band sells for an additional $50.

With Motorola, Google and Amazon moving the current Moto 360 to an even lower price than it is on sale for at the moment already, it surely won’t take long anymore before the next generation Motorola 360 smartwatch hits the shelves.

Stay tuned for more exciting Moto 360 news. What would you like the next generation Moto 360 to do? Would you like to have a smaller Moto 360 watch, or do you have a color preference you would like to see? Share your thoughts and comments below.