#wearables: to wear or NOT to wear?

Shared article: interesting post by Emotional Connect (see link below) on to how, what and when to wear your wearables. Gadgets have truly changed the way we “dress” and have become an important accessory that whoever wears it identifies himself or herself with. That is why it is important to understand when, how you should wear your smart watch or any other wearable for that matter (such as a fitness tracker).

Check out the article below:

#Wearables: to wear or NOT to wear?

Ever since I first came across the video of the MIT grad student Pranav Mistry, the inventor of Sixth Sense and Nokia Morph, there has been a serious flood of commercial gadgets in the marketplace that are variants of the concepts that were then (late 1990/early 2000) in the research labs. With a rapid change […]