No new android wear watches from motorola this year

The second-generation Motorola 360 has had market well. We were sincerely hoping that Motorola or any of the other android where competitors would bring out some fantastic new watches this year.

Yet, it appears that this year we won’t be seeing any new by Motorola, Huawei or LG anymore. If you’ve been paying attention to the wearable space over the last few months you may have noticed that there is been no shortage of new android wear devices making their way to market.

Now that Apple has brought out their Apple watch to series and Samsung have delivered the S gear three watches, it appears that the other watchmakers are keeping their new products off the market. CNET has reported that neither LG or Lenovo’s Motorola have plans to release any new smart watches in the remaining months of the year. Maybe that is why it has been awfully quiet around the Motorola 360s 3rd generation Smart watch.

It looks like most of the companies are waiting for the next big push. Tech development has not gone as fast as we would’ve hoped it to go and it looks like the customers are waiting for something special. I think that it’s a good thing that tech companies are holding their product back because they are not fully happy with them. I would rather see a new innovative product by any of these companies then get a simple battery upgrade here.

We can continue to dream about new features and new products that will be brought to market in the next one or two years. I personally do not think that the android ecosystem for smart watches his dead at all. We are just taking a short break from the regular release cycles. And I am happy to see that we are not being forced to buy some Half baked product that nobody really wants to have.

At the end of the day this will help us keep a healthy ecosystem around smart watches and secure the longevity of this product group. We all know that we love our Moto360!

Gmail “undo send” functionality now available to all

Don’t you hate it when that happens? What? Well you have just send the wrong person that email you really did not want them to see. Half a second of not paying attention and it is out, gone, forever. But wait there should be a solution for that right? Within Gmail there has been a “hidden” feature for quite some time that enables you to get that email back before its been sent off.

Oh shoot that should not have gone out!

The ten second rule applies, or at least it did. Now you have the possibility to change the time you have to decide on whether you would have wanted to send that email out to thirty seconds.

It is pretty easy, you send off an email using Google’s Gmail on Chrome for example and when you click send, a small notification at the top of your screen shows up, asking you if you would like to “undo send”. If you click on that link, the email will not be sent out and remain in your drafts folder. Pretty neat right?

To enable it, go to, click on the settings cog on the top right of your screen, then choose Settings. Scroll down in the General tab until you see the “Undo Send” option, and check the box to enable the feature. Oddly enough, Google has given users an option to choose between 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds for the cancellation period. I don’t really know why one would choose to only undo emails within the first 5 seconds when there’s a longer 30-second option available, but it’s there if you want to live on the edge.

Give it a shot, it is easy to use. Did you ever send someone an email you really would not have wanted them to see and wished you could have retrieved it? Leave your stories and comments in the comment section below.

Google won’t charge transaction fee for Android Pay: Report – The Times of India

Google’s new mobile phone payment service, Android Pay, will not garner any transaction fees from credit card companies, which may put pressure on competitor Apple to drop or lower its charges, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Apple Pay, which launched last year, reached deals with big banks and other credit card issuers to receive 0.15% of the value of each credit card transaction, the journal said on Friday. Apple collects a half-cent per purchase on bank debit cards, it said.

Google’s service will not receive any fees for the transactions, the newspaper reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the situation. It said Visa Inc and Mastercard Inc have made their “tokenization” card-security service free, which prevents payments services from charging fees to issuers.

“There is one agreement with Visa and the banks can have confidence that there are no pass-through fees,” Visa President Ryan McInerney told the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal said the rules may prompt changes in Apple’s mobile phone payment deal with banks. It said some banks are not happy about sharing fees and could try to use Google’s arrangement to effect changes in Apple’s deals.

source: Times of India – Tech

Android short news – Android M Support for fingerprint

Android Pay and Support for Fingerprint: Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apply Pay, will also be a part of Android M, although you will need an NFC enabled device to use the feature. Google says Android Pay is secure because it only uses a virtual card number during the transaction and not your real credit/debit card number. Android Pay will work at 700 partner-stores in the US including Macy’s, etc.

Google is also working with app developers to allow more of these to use Android Pay.

Android M will get FingerPrint Support as well. The API for Fingerprint will be available for developers as well and they can incorporate it into their app as well. Google says it will work “across a range of devices and sensors,” so it’s not clear how devices without fingerprint scanners will support this. – See more at: