Spotify and Moto 360 are a great match

Next to gadgets and good red wine, I am a big music fan. I listen to music at least a few hours a day and really enjoy browsing Spotify for new songs. Music is a part of my life and you will hardly find me at home without my Beoplay A9 (Bang & Olufsen really make stellar loudspeakers – díos mío!) being on – blasting out the latest and greatest tunes.

What is nice about the Moto360 is that you can use the Spotify app on your phone/watch to control the music that is currently playing. It is fairly simple, you start the Spotify app on your phone or tablet, and start playing your favourite song. One of my current favorite songs is Dotan with “Home” as you can see on the picture.

How I use Spotify on my Moto 360

You can use the simple navigation elements to pause or continue playing the song. When you swipe to the right, the picture of your song/album will disappear and you will see 4 buttons. The left and right buttons skip back or forward,- to the next song, whereas the up and down buttons take care of raising or lowering the volume of whatever device you are listening to the music to.

I use it at home, as well as on the road. Sometimes it is a lot faster and easier to change the music on my “wrist” than getting my phone out. One example of when I use it most is when I am going for a run. I don’t always bring my phone and smartwatch when I go running, because I don’t really like carrying any unnecessary weight around with me when I jog, but I do occassionally on longer tours (>20 km).

My beloved Bang & Olufsen (Beoplay) A9 – 2015 edition 


Beoplay A9 spotify moto360 smartwatch

In summer (on longer tours) I do sometimes take a small backpack with me with a bottle of water and a small snack. The bag pack has a small compartment for my Nexus 5, but when it is in there it is not all that easy to get it back out again. Fortunately I have a smartwatch :-). I can simply turn on my music on my phone and get going. If I want to change the song, I don’t have to get my smartphone out, but I can change the song directly on the watch. Very easy and practical.

A few minor improvements and ideas

One improvement that I would have is that it would be great if I could use voice commands to change the song that I am listening to. The Spotify radio functionality is not always the greatest and most creative when it comes to giving me new songs that I have not heard before and I would love to quickly skip to the next song by saying something like: “next song please!” or “skip song”. From a usability perspective that could be very interesting. I do not know if the Moto 360 has an active listening functionality within apps other than that of Google, but it would be something I would surely like to have.

Another thing that I would love to be able to do is use voice commands to search for a certain song or new songs. If I could just say: “Okay Spotify, play Dotan with Home” that would be absolutely fantastic. At the moment it is not possible to search for songs or playlist whilst using the Moto 360 without your phone. Unfortunately it only works as a remote control for your speakers actually, which is too bad.

The integration with Spotify, Deezer, and the likes is really great and I love not having to get my phone or tablet out every time to change the song or lower the volume a little. With a few improvements such as the possibility to be able to search for music or playlists – and using voice commands this could be one of the key features that I would be using on a daily basis.

Have you tried out the connection between Spotify and your smartwatch? Maybe you have some experience with another model than the Moto 360, I would love to hear your thoughts. Share your comments in the section below.