Samsung updates its Gear S2 Smartwatch with iOS support

Samsung has updated its latest smart watch the S Gear 2nd Generation. The S Gear is currently one of the most attractive smart watches on the market, next to the Moto360 of course.

Introduced in August of 2015, the Gear S2 is Samsung’s latest smart watch and the first to ship with a round display. While the first versions of the Gear S2 were originally only available in black or silver with matching rubber bands, Samsung introduced higher-end 18-karat rose gold and platinum plated versions to better compete with the more expensive Apple Watch models.

The bezel is something that is unique to the Samsung S Gear II, it helps the user to navigate its way through various screens and is quite intuitive. Samsungs premium model smart watch is round just like the Moto360, yet it is more of a sporty looking watch than the classic Moto.

The health tracking features are impressive though, and set it apart nicely from the competition. The Gear S II is probable the best smart watch on the market today / especially for Android, when you are looking for a sporty type/fitness tracking watch.

Titzen operating system / iOS support

Samsungs operating system “Titzen” is slowly starting to blossom. Titzen is now capable of communicating a lot better with Android, but also iOS support is said to be rolled out in the next few days or weeks / it will definitely not take long anymore until a more complete iOS supporting version will be released.

Rolling out full fledged iOS support is vital to Samsung if it would really like to conquer a larger marketshare than that it already has. The Applewatch is next to the Pebble Time, the only real alternative for anyone using an iPhone / a large market to tap into, especially in the USA, Canada and Mainland Europe.

The Moto360 is also able to communicate with any iOS device, but only running the android wear application / which is available on the iOS AppStore. The android wear app enables us to receive straightforward one way notifications, but does not support iMessaging or other iOS native apps.

XDA forum members have also been able to download the test app and have provided details on its functionality. The Gear S2 iOS app will be able to deliver notifications to the smart watch, and it will be able to install and manage apps from the Gear store on the device. According to testers, while the Gear S2 can receive notifications from the iPhone, replies are not currently possible, and the Samsung Gear S2 Lite app has to be running in the background for the connection between the watch and the app to be maintained.

We will do a full on comparison between the Samsung Gear S2 and the Moto360 soon.

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