Moto 360 2 shown on twitter 

Is this the second generation Moto 360 we have all been waiting for?

Yesterday Motorola posted a short video on its social media channels showing a Moto 360, but with the selection button slightly higher up on the watch. Instead of having the button in the middle on the right, it was positioned about 45 degrees higher. 
One other thing that we noticed is that the leather straps are attached differently to the watch, making it look more like a conventional watch. The watch body does not lay on top of the straps anymore. 

One thing that does bother us somewhat, is the fact that the watch face appears to be the one of the regular Moto 360, including the iconic ‘flat tire’ at the bottom of the screen. This could be an indication that this is just a mockup of ‘a version’ of the Moto 360 and not necessarily the next generation we have been waiting for. 

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