Gmail “undo send” functionality now available to all

Don’t you hate it when that happens? What? Well you have just send the wrong person that email you really did not want them to see. Half a second of not paying attention and it is out, gone, forever. But wait there should be a solution for that right? Within Gmail there has been a “hidden” feature for quite some time that enables you to get that email back before its been sent off.

Oh shoot that should not have gone out!

The ten second rule applies, or at least it did. Now you have the possibility to change the time you have to decide on whether you would have wanted to send that email out to thirty seconds.

It is pretty easy, you send off an email using Google’s Gmail on Chrome for example and when you click send, a small notification at the top of your screen shows up, asking you if you would like to “undo send”. If you click on that link, the email will not be sent out and remain in your drafts folder. Pretty neat right?

To enable it, go to, click on the settings cog on the top right of your screen, then choose Settings. Scroll down in the General tab until you see the “Undo Send” option, and check the box to enable the feature. Oddly enough, Google has given users an option to choose between 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds for the cancellation period. I don’t really know why one would choose to only undo emails within the first 5 seconds when there’s a longer 30-second option available, but it’s there if you want to live on the edge.

Give it a shot, it is easy to use. Did you ever send someone an email you really would not have wanted them to see and wished you could have retrieved it? Leave your stories and comments in the comment section below.