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This morning I stumbled across a very cool handmade leather band for your Moto 360. Stylish and a great way to personalize your smart watch. The regular Moto 360 comes with a regular great quality leather band already. If you do not want your watch to look like all of the other ones out there and wish to give yours a bit more of a personal touch, swopping the band for a new one is a good way to go.

When you order your Moto 360 with a leather band, it is easy to change the look and feel of your watch. Using a new watch face can certainly work wonders and is a good first step, I will show you how you can change the watch face on your watch in another post. But since your watch will not always be “on” – at least not for everyone to see, using a nice looking strap makes your Moto Three-Sixty a true treat for the eye.

Here is one strap that I really like; check out the link below for more details. Handmade Leather Strap for moto 360:


#wearables: to wear or NOT to wear?

Shared article: interesting post by Emotional Connect (see link below) on to how, what and when to wear your wearables. Gadgets have truly changed the way we “dress” and have become an important accessory that whoever wears it identifies himself or herself with. That is why it is important to understand when, how you should wear your smart watch or any other wearable for that matter (such as a fitness tracker).

Check out the article below:

#Wearables: to wear or NOT to wear?

Ever since I first came across the video of the MIT grad student Pranav Mistry, the inventor of Sixth Sense and Nokia Morph, there has been a serious flood of commercial gadgets in the marketplace that are variants of the concepts that were then (late 1990/early 2000) in the research labs. With a rapid change […]


Tylt watch bands for Moto 360

Great article @pathaydenjones.com

I like the standard black leather watchband for the Moto 360. It’s comfortable and reasonably stylish. That band was a major reason I found the Moto one of the most comfortable watches I have owned. I’ve got a number of watches, not a crazy amount, but I like a good watch and my previous favorite […]